From Innovation to Ideation

RunAbove is an OVH Group innovation platform. Our goal is to provide you with motivating ideas for your IT projects and we hope you’ll have fun exploring them.

The Best of Innovation

Our research and development teams work every day at analyzing two significant sources of information:


We receive millions of comments and feedback from over 700,000 customers worldwide, working in hundreds of business sectors. They all have great ideas as well as various needs we want to address and challenges we want to help them face.

Technological trends

With over 60 international technical partnerships + a involvement in many Open Source organizations, OVH Labs team identify the best of technology, real trends, great opportunities that should be developed.
The team pushes technologies to the edge with benchmarks, extreme use cases & measure the full potential.

Our vision of innovation

We believe that the best innovations are driven by 5 key factors:

  • Top performance platforms (I/O, network, scalability, hardware and datacenters behind the scene)
  • Pragmatic solutions that cover all your needs and can be linked (IAAS / PAAS / SAAS)
  • Transparency (open, standard, well explained)
  • Simple solutions (easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to develop, easy ramp-up)
  • You and your feedback!

The lifecycle of an idea

1. WE / YOU have a great idea
2. We bring ideas and cutting-edge technology together in order to design a potential solution
3. We propose it as a new lab on RUNABOVE.COM in several steps:

Labs End

4. Following the Labs phase, all successful and reliable products will be available under our premium brand: OVH.COM. The product will then benefit from: high SLA, full OVH services, unlimited scalability … We will guide our Runabove Community through this phase as they become OVH Customers and migrate their “lab resources” into full production resources.

How can I use all this?

You just need to create a free account on This account is validated by a credit card number.
You can then take part in as many labs as you want (inside the limitations granted to users), and then discuss and share with the RunAbove community.
Some of our labs are free, while others at a later stage of development are not (the cost of the beta products will be clearly indicated in the lab) and will be charged to your credit card.

And now ?

Just explore the labs and discover new worlds!