DRP as a Service Powered by Zerto

Deploy your DRP as a Service on your Dedicated Cloud with Zerto!

Based on Zerto technology, implementing your Disaster Recovery Plan has never been that easy! With an active/active configuration, ensure your IT is protected and able to recover in a couple of minutes, just in 1 click!

Offer reserved to OVH Dedicated Cloud customers only

Why Zerto is a best value for your DR ?

  • Zerto is delivered as a service on your Dedicated Cloud
  • Your Data moves quickly and securely over the OVH network infrastructure
  • RPO(1) is close to be null thanks to extreme synchronisation
  • RTO(2) of a couple of seconds thanks to your active / active configuration
  • Set-up your policy via the Zerto control panel
  • Keep control of your bill with a price/VM model* !

(1) Recovery Point Objective : period of data loss since the last synchronisation
(2) Recovery Time Objective : delay to start your second platform

Get your Zerto now !

Offer reserved to OVH Dedicated Cloud customers only

Select the VM you want to protect with a simple price / VM*!

Zerto DR protection
Price per month30 € HT per VM
* Excluding your Dedicated Cloud monthly costs

You need 2 Dedicated Cloud to activate your Zerto Protection

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DRP as a Service
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Target Critical IT using Dedicated Cloud
Opened since 2016-07-13

Health Monitoring

  • The lab is closed but remains active for existing users!