Intel® Core i7-7700K “Kabylake” Game Servers

New “Kabylake” Intel architecture

Kabylake is the name given to the new Intel architecture.
The i7-7700k is among the first available cpu based on this new CPU technology. Thanks to the 14nm process technology, Kabylake brings up to 25% performance more compared to previous architecture, and increase the frequency (4,5GHz in turbo mode for the i7-7700k).
i7-7700k CPU also embeds a new Intel® HD Graphics 630 GPU optimized for encoding (10bits 4K HEVC) and decoding (HEVC and VP9).

Server caracteristics
CPU Intel i7-7700k Overclocked 4c /8t @4,7GHz / 5.0GHz in Turbo Boost (Tech details)
RAM64GB DDR4 2400MHz
Disk2x450GB NVMe Intel® P3520
GPUIntel ® HD Graphics 630

€40.00 VAT excl. /14days (then €100.00 VAT excl. / month)

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Features included

Every server comes with:

  • 250 Mbps
    guaranteed bandwidth

  • 1 IPv4

  • Anti-DDoS GAME

NO SLA but if server fails, your money is refunded


What is Kabylake?

Kabylake is the code name for new Intel CPU architecture. Available since January 2017 on i7 CPUs, Kabylake integrate many new features:

  • 14nm process technology to optimize density and performances (up to 25%)
  • Intel Turbo boost 2.0 improvements: Intel Speed Shift Technology allows control of processor performances states to be manage directly by the hardware instead of the OS. Thanks to this, the system can get turbo peak much faster.
  • New graphic processing improvement (Intel® Iris® GPU) to optimize video encoding (4K). With the new iGPU HVEC 10-bits and VP9 4K streams can be hardware decoded, and encoded (HVEC only).

Why the frequency displayed is 4,7GHz/5,0GHz?

Thanks to OVH cooling technologies, we are able to overclocked the CPU to offer a higher core frequency. Like this the standard frequency is 4,7GHz instead of 4,2GHz, and can achieve 5,0GHz in turbo mode (instead of 4,7GHz).

Where to find more information?

You can access to the detailed technical specifications on this page.

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