Intel Optane Disk Servers

Intel Optane Disks

Intel Optane Technology, based on 3D XPoint media, offers revolutionary byte-accessible capabilities. Because there isn’t a transistor per cell, Optane enables very dense memory arrays that scale with Moore’s Law. Where there used to be a huge gap in the orders of magnitude for latency between DRAM and NAND SSDs, Intel Optane SSDs bridge the gap. Optane Disks are the next generation of very high performance non-volatile storage, and OVH is the first Cloud provider to propose this technology directly accessible to our customers.

Up to 10x better latency than NAND

Where NVMe Technology permits to achieve an extremely low latency compared to traditional SSD/SATA disks (thanks to PCIe bus), with 3D-Xpoint technology, Intel® Optane disks go further in the optimization of the latency. Compared to a Intel P3700 NVMe disk the latency is up to 10x better. Thanks to this, with Intel Optane P4800X it is possible to achieve IOPS previously unreachable with NAND memory, up to 500k IOPS both in read and in write.

OVH is the first Cloud provider able to propose the Intel® Optane P4800X Disks accessible to our customers.

Server caracteristics
CPU / RAM2x E5-2660v3 (20cores @ 2,6GHz)
Disks 4x4TB 7.2krpm - Soft RAID
Intel Optane DC P4800X 375GB HH-HL(detailed specs)

€300.00 / 2 weeks (then €600.00 /month)

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Features included

Every server comes with:

  • 250 Mbps
    guaranteed bandwidth

  • 1 IPv4/IPv6

NO SLA but if server fails, your money is refunded

Intel Learn more about 3D-Xpoint technology